BBtone Baby Pianos made by HOUSE OF PIANOS in Dubai

BBtone pianos is a special project and product developed by HOUSE OF PIANOS in collaboration with The Musical Spider. We are extremely proud that our BBtone piano is made in Dubai and fully customizable.

The idea of the BBtone pianos came up after many meetings and discussions with parents who have bought digital pianos of different kinds for their little ones to start learn the piano. However, children dont always take the digital pianos seriously and as a result, they breake the piano rather fast and easy because they (digital pianos) are portable.

BBtone pianos are custom-made for any digital piano of your choice. It gives the child the feel fo the grand piano and at the same time, children will not be able to move or remove the digital piano from the BBtone and will focus on playing it only. 

BBtone is fully cusomizable. You can choose the color of the piano, write the name of your child as well as add extra features. 


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