Flying Piano first time in uae

It was one of the most exciting and challenging projects yet to fly the Steinway Grand Piano by Helicopter 1200 m above the ground. The piano was flown from Skydive Dubai all the way to the helipad of Burj Al Arab the iconic seven star hotel of the world. This project was implemented in collaboration with AUDITOIRE @auditoire and Luxury Makers @luxurymakers in UAE.

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Flying Steinway Piano
Flying Steinway by HOUSE OF PIANOS
Flying piano by Helicopter
Flying Piano by HOUSE OF PIANOS

Flying Piano

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Music a soothing balm for
hospital’s patients

Musicians with a Long Term Care patient
at Thumbay University Hospital Ajman.

The Long-Term Care unit of Thumbay University Hospital, the largest private academic hospital in the region with 350 beds located at Thumbay Medicity, Al Jurf, Ajman, has added music to the services they offer residents, to reduce anxiety and depression among them and to enhance their healing process. As a beginning, music is now played for residents who have specifically asked for it, as they believe it soothes their minds and helps them adjust better to the life at the Long-Term Care facility.

A number of studies in recent times have suggested the use of music for the benefit of patients in long-term care. Especially in people with conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, music has been found to reduce agitation and unhappiness.

The hospital is also making arrangements to enable patients play their favourite music instruments and create their own music, as part of the Long-Term Care unit’s efforts to help the patients pursue their creative interests and to keep them engaged in productive activities. Dr.Manvir Singh Walia, COO of Thumbay University Hospital, says that by providing music of the patients’ liking, the hospital has introduced a unique way to support them. “This is in line with our holistic approach to care. We have seen that Long-Term Care residents are comforted by their preferred kind of music, helping them communicate more and better, and keeping them motivated on the path to recovery” he said.

In addition, the hospital has also launched a “happy hours” initiative for its long-term care patients, under which they’ll be taken to the hospital’s Therapeutic Garden every Friday, for an hour of relaxation and being close to nature. Patients will be served free juices and snacks during the happy hour.

A patient in the Long Term Care unit of Thumbay University Hospital, Lancelot Frank recently experienced a live music session at the hospital, conducted by House of Pianos, Dubai. A senior engineer and music enthusiast and a UAE resident for over 33 years, Lancelot is fast recuperating at Thumbay University Hospital.


Moving Pianos on Stairs Made Easy

Piano Moving
Piano Moving

First Flying Piano Shell in UAE

We are excited and happy to present you our made in Dubai Flying Piano available now for rent for your events. If you are not afraid of heights and want to WOW your Audience, then this is what you need. Contact us for rental information. @houseofpianosuae Thank you @elegant_art_events for this collaboration. Always a Pleasure working with your team.

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