Bluthner e-Volution


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Here we offer the best of all worlds, where everything is possible. The unparalleled beauty of the Blüthner acoustic upright piano is enhanced by the cutting edge innovations of the Blüthner digital piano and combined with an internal piano silencer system. The Blüthner e-volution instrument also boasts features such as Bluetooth® audio connectivity, a BOSE® speaker system, and MIDI functionality. The Blüthner e-volution system can be built into any Blüthner upright piano. Every model is hand-crafted by Blüthner in Leipzig-Germany.

Everything Under Control.

The intuitive control panel with graphic display gives you easy access to the full functionality of your instrument, including splits and layers. One layer can even be the acoustic piano itself.

The Real Feel.

Play acoustic. Play digital. Play both together. The real Blüthner acoustic piano action is your pathway to pure expression.

Do Not Disturb.

Keep your performance to yourself, and delve into the immersive sound of the Blüthner Model One digital concert grand.

Fine Detail.

Capture every nuance of your performance with the built-in optical MIDI record strip. Transform your performance into pure digital data.

Let It Play.

Stream your favorite audio files to accompany your performance. Or sit back and enjoy your music library in hi-fi sound with seamless Bluetooth® connectivity.

More Power to You.

Superior sampling demands superior sound transmission. Powered by BOSE® speakers, the leader in high fidelity sound

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