Irmler Studio F148


COLOR Ebony polish
NUMBER OF KEYS 7¼ 7¼ octave (88 keys)
Length 148 cm
Width 150 cm
Weight 330 kg / 712 lbs


Established in 1818, Irmler pianos are famous for their distinctive sound properties. More royal familes owned Irmlers than any other piano brand in the mid eighteen hundreds.

The finest of materials, highest quality of craftsmanship and the use of modern technology are the reasons for Irmler's success. Irmler pianos are part of the Bluthner pianos group, Irmler benefits from being able to cooperate with Bluthner with craftsmanship and tradition.

Irmler is an important part of the Bluthner piano group, producing high quality pianos of outstanding value aimed at the student and advanced piano market. The brand is being manufactured in two series, the Irmler Studio, designed for beginner pianist through to advanced students, and the Irmler Professional aimed at the most discerning of pianists.

The Ambitious Beginning- Modern technology and choice materials are the foundation of our success. Not only is the Irmler Studio an instrument for the ambitious novice, but supervision of manufacture and final quality inspection by a German master craftsman of piano manufacturing guarantee a lasting experience of unrivalled musical excitement.

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